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    Superhero Masks childrens capes d television company, distant film and television culture Communication Co., Ltd. column pillar director, Guo Renjie. Guo Renjie red face, said Hu always personally toast, it seems this cup of white, do not drink finished. He finished, a small cup of white wine drained, that point of water into superhero masks his beer belly , There personalized cape seems to be no sense of being there. Guo Guzhen really refreshing A woman praised, but you have to be easy to point, today these girls, no one can not drink, you can not be drunk. This woman is Cao sister, that is, the beginning of the brook with Ling exuberant brokers. And here, in addition to the director of the distant film and television, there is a screenwriter, a deputy kids capes for party director. The rest are Tianmei model company employees and models, superhero masks a total of nearly 20 people. Guo Renjie and other three is to the election, which is Tianmei model company and remote film and superhero capes party favors television cooperation, put some kids capes potential, or need to transform the model recommended to the film and television companies, so that they take a few road to go. Chapter 134 Eisen s Advice Plus Guo Renjie squinting from.

    profits, once we do not have Baidu search, who will spend money to them what rank How does this play Where do these advertisements come back Other edge products can not be compared with the bulk of the gains...... But the star superhero masks technology released this product in advance did not even the slightest wind came out, but did not provide any interface to the developer, what is this Is the other software providers all excluded So when Wang Shizi said here, sitting in his office Baidu president Xu Yanhong has picked up the phone at kids capes superhero the table, in his view, superhero masks now has more than the company executives need superhero masks to pay attention to this conference, Baidu Technology All employees have to take a look at the other company superhero capes girls s business sector should also act as soon superhero masks as possible, belong to high tech companies, we all have deep experience, superhero masks playing fame is difficult, but once the technology is far off, superhero masks it is really from the decline Not far away.... Conference site, applause has gradually stopped, and Wang Shizi has begun to deduce again. Thank you for the support, then the next I need to show is the smart home system c.e after a care of their own on the phone to operate up. A minute of effort, Wang Shizi again raised his head, Please note. Finished, Wang Shizi directly picked up the phone against the audience, the phone screen is a human eye, and the next moment the top of the superhero masks phone immediately appeared in a conference room Wang Shizi mobile phone is aimed at the direction of the 3D virtual screen, The picture superhero masks has been enlarged, probably superhero capes for party equivalent to 50 inch LCD TV screen, but this picture is not a plane, but three dimensional structure, so look bigger. Of course, these are not the key, the key is that the clarity is too high, the screen zoom to such a point, everyone s face can see the hair is clear and clear, it really is not simple, too simple The. Not only that, Wang Shizi s hand did not move, but accompanied by the eyes of the movement of the screen, the picture is also synchronized with the move, many of them are specialized in the eyes, naturally can see this picture rotation like the human eye Visual transfer almost, full three dimensional picture, high clarity people staggering. Wang Shizi still di.

    Superhero Masks performance of the exceptionally fanatical, for a time even the stars are too lazy to worry about things. But then again, now Star Entertainment is also on the right track, Journey to the West has been favorable for the global industry has been recognized by the industry that this new technology film will be a comprehensive replacement superhero masks superhero capes girls of the future of the big screen, the other film companies want To survive, it is estimated that had to find star entertainment cooperation. Think of Star Entertainment, Wang Shizi suddenly found Journey to the West are released for so kids capes for party long, he has not seen with Yan Xiao Xiu, this is obviously not good, so the next moment he picked up the phone...... to be continued. 694 decision Mo Kechang, the government to promote the new teaching system we support, but can not engage in a sudden attack superhero masks We spent several million to buy a school district room, the son has now been identified to superhero masks be able to read thirteen, now you This education model that changed to change, but also engage in online pilot education, what is it Do not say that we buy school district room money sp.

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